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The specialty practice of medical damages is blending medical knowledge with the legal community.  Medical damages involve assessing individuals with a life-changing injury or illness to determine their future medical needs with associated costs and ensure the patient/client has the necessary funds to be cared for throughout their life.  Medical damages are divided into three areas – Life Care Planning (LCP), Medical Cost Projection (MCP), and Medicare Set-Aside (MSA).  In these areas, there are five common questions we strive to answer –
  1. What do they have? – medical diagnosis
  2. What do they need? – future medical care
  3. Why do they need it? – manage symptoms, prevent complications, quality of life, & safe, independent function
  4. How often do they need it? – frequency & duration
  5. How much will it cost? – cost in today’s dollars

In 2010, FIG developed educational classes to share our knowledge and experience from the field when answering these five questions.  FIG offers educational classes in the specialty practices of Life Care Planning (LCP), Medical Cost Projections (MCP), and Medicare Set-Asides (MSA).

In 2021, FIG added certifications to correspond with the educational classes in specialty practices of Life Care Planning (LCP), Medical Cost Projections (MCP), and Medicare Set-Asides (MSA).

FIG’s Medicare Set-Aside – Certified (MSA-C) credential was designed for the medical, healthcare, and rehabilitation provider wishing to gain the competency learning and comprehensive knowledge which is necessary to practice as a QUALIFIED Medicare Set-Aside Allocator.  Given 20+ years of experience and gaining an authoritative reputation in the field of medical damages, FIG’s primary focus is on training the provider to be a qualified Medicare Set-Aside Allocator.  While certification is not mandatory, we understand the credential brings credibility to the table when sitting in the courtroom as an expert witness in future medical care with associated costs.  We are honored to share the MSA-C with eligible candidates.  The criteria, application process, renewal, and registration for the MSA-C credential are outlined on this website.

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Advisory Board

Shelene Giles

Life Care Planner | RN

Dr. Sharon Grouper

Life Care Planner | Physician

Mel Wages

Business Services Consultant | National Recruiter

Amy Stone

Life Care Planner | OT

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