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FIG's Medicare Set-Aside - Certified

About Us

Who is FIG?

Established in 2002, incorporated in 2005, and trademarked in 2019, FIG Services, Inc. (FIG) is a family-owned corporation that specializes in assessing medical damages, which is the determination of future medical care and associated costs for an individual who has suffered an injury/illness that is involved in an insurance claim or lawsuit.  Medical damages are demonstrated in the specialty practices of Life Care Planning, Medical Cost Projections, and Medicare Set-Asides.

FIG has been focusing on educating and coaching others since 2008, in these specialty practices.  This branch of the company is known as FIG Education.  At FIG, we practice what we teach.  As we learn in the field, this knowledge is brought back into the classroom.  FIG’s instructors and advisory board members are seasoned, practicing Life Care Planners.  FIG offers classes for initial certification and CEUs for renewal of certification.  FIG has also created an interactive website – the Treehouse – to support the industry with resources, mentoring, and CEUs.  Classes and CEUs are offered online, virtually, and onsite.  In addition to education in Life Care Planning, Medical Cost Projections, and Medicare Set-Asides, FIG also provides knowledge and guidance with business development and marketing strategies as most individuals own and operate their own businesses within these specialty practices.

In 2021, FIG created a certification (FIG’s Medicare Set-Asides – Certified) to recognize the competency and comprehensive learning that has been achieved and is necessary to be qualified in the courtroom.  FIG has become a cornerstone of wisdom and guidance on their reputation of 20 years in the industry.  FIG stresses the importance of being qualified over being certified; however, we understand this badge (MSA-C) adds credibility when sitting in the courtroom.  A certification with FIG declares the individual’s successful completion of learning in a specialty practice.