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Advisory Board

FIG created an Advisory Board to act as a collaborative, strategic thinking, sounding board to support FIG’s education and certification endeavors in the Life Care Planning industry.  Members of the FIG Advisory Board are licensed/certified in their primary practice and are actively practicing in the Life Care Planning, Medical Cost Projection, and/or Medicare Set-Aside fields as well as representatives in the legal and marketing/business fields.  The role of the FIG Advisory Board is not to make day-to-day decisions, but rather to provide relevant knowledge, critical thinking, and skillful analysis to increase the confidence of the decision-makers who represent FIG.  The board members are chosen for their expertise, connections, and passion to promote the specialty practice of Life Care Planning, Medical Cost Projections, and Medicare Set-Asides.  If disciplinary action is necessary to address any concerns, the FIG Advisory Board will offer insight and solutions following a thorough review and discussion of the issue.

Shelene Giles

Life Care Planner | RN

Dr. Tom Garzillo

Life Care Planner | Chiropractor

Dr. Sharon Grouper

Life Care Planner | Physician

Amy Stone

Life Care Planner | OT

Daniel Turner

Life Care Planner | Certified Rehabilitation Counselor

Mel Wages

Business Services Consultant | National Recruiter